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Jean Lambert's

Publications in English

Ancre 1

Scientific articles

2001 "Yemen",

b "Jum'ah Khân",

c "al-'Antarî",

d "al-Lahjî", in Grove's New Encyclopedia of Music and Musicians, London,

Mac Millan, vol. 27, 652-657

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b "Al-ghinâ al-san'ânî. Poetry and music in Yemen", 685-694 ; in: Virginia

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of World Music, volume 6, The Middle East, New York, London, Routledge.

2016 "Ottoman and Turkish Influences on Yemeni Music (16th to 20th century)", 

in: Elsner, Jürgen, Gisa Jähnichen & Cenk Güray, eds. (2016). Maqam

Traditions between Theory and Contemporary Music Making. Istanbul: PAN

Publishing in Co-operation with Yildirim Bezayit Universitesi Ankara.

Popularized publications

1985 "Musical Instruments of Yemen", Ring Road Rag : November 85. Sanaa


2003a "The Yemen Tihama, Transe & Dance Music from the Red Sea coast of

Arabia. 2002. Recordings and Texts by Anderson Bakewell. British Library,

National Sound Archives, Topic Records, TSCD 920", Yearbook of Traditional

Music, vol 35.

2015 "Reports from ICTM National and Regional Representatives: Yemen", Bulletin of the International Council for Traditional Music, Apr2015, Issue 128, 26.

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